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(Conclusion of our trip)

(Continued from Zambia...)

How can I summarize this trip? 4200km covered overland, 4 countries, 1500 digital pictures, 2 broken teeth for Cynthia & malaria avoided for both of us. For seven weeks, we saw a microscopic part of what this continent has to offer: the highest mountain in Africa, one of the best National Parks in the world, white powdery sand beaches, one of the biggest fresh-water lakes in the world, the fastest animal on this planet, one of the biggest animal on this planet, the longest/biggest/largest waterfall in the world & last, but not the least, the poorest, but friendliest people I ever met in my life.

Overall, we spent an average of $50US per person per day including all of our souvenirs, safaris, buses, meals, accommodation, dives, EVERYTHING! The safaris were without doubt the most expensive part of our trip. Without the safaris and souvenirs, we lived on $25US per person per day. My guess is that it is possible to live under 25$US per day, but you will have to eat lots of street food (like chips and samosas).

It would be a lie to affirm that we visited Zimbabwe!! We walked to the end of the bridge from Zambia and that was it!!!

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