Where is Oman?

Travel itinerary

Oman is a Middle East country east of Saudi Arabia and south of Iran.

It is a dry and huge country with a small population of just over 2 million people.

Arabic is the official language, but EVERYONE speaks English.

Islam is the official religion.

A four-hour drive brings you to Dubai.



Oman is a large country. From Muscat (day 1 & 2), we rented a 4 X 4 vehicle and drove 300km to Sur along a scenic, but rough gravel road. It took about 10 hours, including stops and swims to complete this long journey. (day 3)

From Sur, we drove to Ibra and into the Sshaquirya sand dunes. (day 4)

We came back to Muscat to change the 4X4 for a car (day 5) and we drove to Nizwa (day 6).

We tried to spend our last day in Sawadi, but the resort was full, so we slept in Qurm, another district in Muscat (day 7) before flying back to Cairo (day 8).