During spring break 2017 ( March 3rd to 12th 2017), we visited another beautiful Caribbean island. I never realized how far Aruba was from Montreal until our 6 hour long flight was delayed by 1.5 hour (from Washington D.C.). We rented a car and a small apartment in Noord for the week. This ended up being cheaper than staying at the hotel.
You can get a car rental in Aruba for about 20$US a day.
Taxis are very expensive on the island (so is beer, food, and the rest!). We visited Phillip's farm where you can feed kangourous, lamas, camels and many other cool animals.
We went snorkeling at different spots, including Anguilla wreck on a day out with Eddy's boat (the owner of the appartement). This private tour was a good way to see the island from the water. We visited the donkey sanctuary which was a very fun activity, off the list of most organized tours on the islands. The island was packed with too many tourists and finding off the beaten path activities was sometimes difficult. Nevertheless, staying with a local (Eddy) gave us the opportunity to discover less touristy spots. We fed wild iguanas on the beach, drank good rum & coke and ate at night food trucks. Being so close to the equator, the sun was stronger than other visited Caribbean islands. Bring highSPF sunscreen!