APRIL 1 TO 8 2012

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This was a different trip with abundance, luxury and organization. All opposite characteristics to how we usually travel! Nevertheless, it was (probably) once in a lifetime trip, one that we will not do again soon.

We left Montreal and took a direct flight to Orlando from where we took a taxi to Cap Canaveral. The boarding was smooth and very organized. The Royal Caribbean ‘’Freedom of the Sea’’ holds a 2006 Guiness Record for the largest, most occupied boat with 4250 passengers (plus 1650 crew members).
I was very impressed with the 15 storey high boat with 8 pools including one for surfing. The boat also had an ice rink, two theatres and a casino.

The food was amazing! I ate a 4 service meal each night including lobster, clams, steak, and much more!

We started our trip with 36 hours of sailing (at sea). We stopped in Labadee (Haiti) for a day. The island was beautiful, but it was disappointing to not be able to see Cap Haitien, a short 30min boat ride to shore.

We sailed to Falmouth (Jamaica). There, I walked around town and met many Rasta. It was hot, but very pleasent to get away from all these tourists and meet local people.
Grand Cayman was rich, clean & very organized. We took an organized trip to swim and encounter StingRays. The trip was OK, but very touristy.
The water was blue & so clear!
We finished our cruise to Cozumel (Mexico) where we have been in the past.

It was pleasant to visit Mexico once again.
We sailed two days to return to Cap Canaveral.