Posted/updated October 25th 2018

This was my 3rd visit to Cuba in less than 6 years. Cuba is only a 3.5 hour flight from Montreal and flight can be as cheap as 400$CAD return. I find this country very unique and different to the rest of latin America due to it socialist past...
There are now 6 ATM machines located at the Havana airport arrivals section, just after you exit customs. They seemed to be functional and a security guard is there to assure the line is followed. There are also 2 separate money changing offices (with 2-3-4 windows each) on each side of the main airport exit door (as you exit the airport to your right/left.) I forgot that US$ have a 10% penalty exchange fee, so bring Canadian dollars or Euros (if these are your usual currencies). Even if they’re not, you are better to convert your money into Euros and then into CUC anyway. Even Americans, do the maths... you will be saving at least 3-4% of your money if you change your dollars to euros and then into CUC.

You can now buy online Viazul bus tickets through their website, but this must be done at least a week in advance. Don't forget to PRINT you ticket.

Internet access seems to be on the rise too. You still need to buy pre-paid ETECSA cards (government telecom company pronounced TECSA) when offices are opened (closed on evenings, Saturday after 1pm and Sundays) -see office hours here-, but reliability and speed in some parks are better than before. Some casa particular are starting to have their own WIFI router (you still need your own pre-paid card to access the internet). Some B&Bs will sell you some, but at 1.50 to 2 CUC a card. Some cards are wrapped in plastic (older ones I think), newers are not. Be careful if buying cards from someone on the street... check expiry date listed on every card.
1 card of 60 minutes = 1 CUC. They asked me for my ID (passport) each time I bought pre-paid cards. Not sure if this is common.

Business hours of most ETECSA offices

ETECSA cards for internet access

Food is still striking me as the biggest challenge when traveling to Cuba. There are almost no markets, no supermarkets, so it is difficult to buy your own groceries and cook yourself. Government stores and incredibly cheap: a pizza will cost you 6-10 pesos (0.25CUC), a hamburger, sandwich or other will cost you 1CUC, but the store might be closed for unknown reasons or there might simply be no food available today... Other private restaurants will offer you a set meal for 6-7CUC to 10CUC per person. Of course, I have seen restaurants going for 30CUC a plate, but the usual Cubano (and traveler like me) don't go there.

Inside a governmental restaurant

CASA particulares
Airbnb seems to have more options then and other hotels site.

I walked into many offices in Cienfuegos and they all told me that they now deal more with ´´vouchers’´ from the Internet. If you show up at the office, you might get what is left or cancellations. Otherwise, book ahead, but in all cases, the all quoted me a minimum of 95 CUC per day including taxes and insurance + fuel (1.20 CUC/L) and 200CUC cash deposit.

Although this country seems to be fixed in time in many ways, I find that tourism based offers (and prices) are quickly on the rise. It is becoming unfortunately « normal’´ for tourists to pay « tourist » price for many things including taxis, boat rides, food and even beer. Even if you have pesos (not convertibles), shared taxis, shared trucks (collectivos) and boats will ask you a higher price, even in some remote untouristy destinations.
I find Cuba is not a cheap place to travel when compared to Guatemala, Mexico, or many other Latin American countries. As a solo traveler, expect to pay at least 15 to 20 CUC per room per night. Beer costs 1 CUC in governmental stores, 1,50CUC to 2 CUC elsewhere. Rum is cheap 7 CUC for a 1L bottle of Havana Club, white local rum is much cheaper and can be as low as 2-3 CUC for a bottle of 750ml. Food will cost you anywhere from a minimum of 5 CUC to 15 CUC per day (at 5 CUC, you eat only in a governmental restaurant that has pizzas, burgers and sandwiches available!) Add some small private taxi rides, some entrance or ´´donations’´ like they like to call it and you are easily at 40-45 CUC per day.