May 8th 2008

Dear LIAT,

My wife, daughter and I have been living in the Caribbean for almost 4 years now, traveling extensively throughout the region, using often your airline as a carrier.
In the last two months only, we flew on 10 different flights using LIAT. Unfortunately, NINE (9) of these flights were delayed for no apparent reasons. (90% of the flights!)

Last week, we flew to Dominica (from St-Maarten) and after both flights being delayed by about 30 minutes, we got to Dominica and found out that LIAT misplaced our luggage including our baby car seat. We had to rent a seat at our own expense and buy several baby products because you couldn't locate our bags. We talked to the supervisor in charge at the airport, arguing that LIAT should partly compensate us for all these inconveniences, but his answer was to talk to the manager in charge at the LIAT office in Roseau, which of course was never available.

We got our bags 2 days later and returned to St-Maarten last Sunday. Both of our flights were delayed again, but this time by more than 2 hours each! We were at the airport in Dominica at 10am, but got to St-Maarten at 6pm!
All this wait for two 25-minute flights!

LIAT, your service is going from bad to worst. My wife and I made the official decision of not using your airline anymore. We wasted enough valuable time waiting for flights. There are many airlines in the region with more punctual schedules.

I hope to hear from you soon and I am looking forward to see if any compensation will be given to frustrated/disappointed travelers.


Ian Wikarski
Cynthia Wilson
Alixe Wilson-Wikarski