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Landed in Cebu on August 15th at 4:30am.  Few hours later, I was already in a bus to Moalboal to swim with hundreds of thousands of sardines.  Moalboal attractions are much more under water than on its ugly, unpaved, touristy road along the beach.

I came back to Cebu for 2 nights and was surprised by the level of poverty and disappointed about the city in general.  Visited the cathedral, fort, and walked around the city extensively.

I guess the best part of this small stop over in the Philippines was my short 3 day trip to Bohol, an island easily reached by a 2 hour boat ride from Cebu.

In Bohol, I rented a scooter and drove around the island like a young teenager who had just received his driving license!   Amongst the numerous, touristy highlights that you can see in Bohol, I really enjoyed the python sanctuary, holder of a world Guinness record for the largest python in the world. I went to see the tarsier conservation center, to see the smallest monkey in the world (touristy spot) and spent some time in and around Alona beach.

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