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Continued from Thailand

After two months on the road backpacking through East Timor, Sri Lanka and Thailand, we spent our last 40 hours in Doha, Qatar. What a big change from Asia!
The religion, architecture, markets; food, how people dress and temperature were all big contrasts. Modern, clean but dusty and super organized; we visited « the richest country on the planet » in a day!

Bellagio Doha souq falcon

The highlights of our day were Souq Waqif (nice market with souvenirs, spices and more), the Billagio mall to cool down after a 2h walk at 45 degree Celsius, an excellent lunch at a Kuwaiti restaurant, a stroll on Katara Beach before ending our evening at Falcon Souq, where falcons are sold in a traditional market. What a day!

torch souq falcon souq