From Los Cabos to Tijuana

Baja California, Mexico July 2 to 8th 2011

We drove 2000km from San José Del Cabo to Tijuana
(previous to Los Cabos)  We left Cabos San Lucas at 11am, so the 550km journey to Loreto was long.  The road was in poor condition, and many long sections were in construction (gravel roads only).  We drove almost non stop to Loreto and made it by 6pm.  The desert scenery was spectacular as always. Loreto was a small bizarre kind of town located directly on the Sea of Cortez with less than 9000 habitants.  The malecon (boardwalk) was pretty, but very underdeveloped.  The town had a fishing village flavor with many locals and very few tourists.  The first signs of Americanization appeared including RVs and delicious fried fish tacos!

We only stayed a night in Loreto, but running on the boardwalk on Sunday morning was a very relaxing experience (I was the only one!). The next day, we drove only 250km, but it took us almost 6 hours to get to Santa Rosalia because we stopped in many deserted beaches.  It was absolutely amazing to see the desert, arid coast and dozens of beautiful white sandy beaches, all of them EMPTY! 

We have seen many fantastic beaches in our travels (including many in the Caribbean),
but these ones were unique because we were the only one there!

I was really expecting a small fishing town like Loreto, but Santa Rosalia was ugly and industrial.  No beach, big ugly port, but cool little buildings.  Downtown (10 streets only) looked like an old western American town with wooden buildings.  We only stayed one night and left the next morning.

We left at 10:45am for an unknown day.  We knew that the 900km to Ensenada was quite impossible, but hoped to be as close a possible the next day.  We drove 620km in 9 hours.  The highway was loaded with military blocks, construction sites stopping completely traffic and speed bump in the middle of no where.

We stopped in San Quintin, an ugly town about 250km south of Ensenada and spent the night there.

We left at 8am hoping to make it to Ensenada in about 2.5 hours.  WRONG!  It took us almost 5 hours.  Every 10 minutes, we had to stop…  Military check point, road under construction, accident, speed bump, need gas, pee, traffic lights, etc.  Finally, we made it to a beautiful condo where we rested for 3 nights.

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