During the summer of 2016, we traveled to Iceland, Denmark and Sweden for 7 weeks.

We also did a home exchange in Aarhus, Denmark.

We drove approximately 5300km by car in all three countries.

Picture of Gothenburg archipelago taken from ferry, Sweden.

After three weeks around Aarhus, we left for northern Denmark and took a ferry across to Sweden.  We spent 5 days in the archipelago, swimming, hiking and eating great (expensive) seafood.  Sweden is by far the most expensive country we have ever traveled…
We visited the island of Ven, where Tycho Brahe (famous astronomer) spent 21 years of his life doing active observation.

We came back to Copenhagen (taking the 100$ toll bridge) and spent 3 days in an AirBnB apartment.  We flew back to Iceland, where we traveled into the Westfjords for 9 days.