We spent two weeks in Providenciales, which is the main island on Turks & Caicos islands.  We rented a small, but very well convenient apartment, in Grace Bay (close to Turtle cove).  It had an amazing pool that we could use for ourselves and it was a 5 minute walk to the beach.
Providenciales is an interesting (an expensive) place to see:  driving is on the left, there are little attractions (to the exception of amazing beaches), and there is a 30% import tax on all goods, meaning that a case of 24 beers is almost 100$US!
We rented a car and drove around to realize that most of Providenciales is made of salt pounds located at sea level.  Sapodilla Beach was spectacular and there were no flamingos in flamingo pound! As a day trip, we decided to travel to North & Middle Caicos.  The 30 min. boat ride was through amazing blue-turquoise water.  At the dock, we rented a car and drove around for a day.  There wasn’t much to the islands, to the exception of splendid deserted beaches.  One day, I told myself, theses beaches will be full of tourists and destroyed by resorts. Otherwise, spectacular place to visit if you want to have top beaches to yourself!