August 3 - August 13, 2023

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Hiking in Kotor

Continued from Croatia ...
Leaving touristy Dubrovnik in Croatia, we had the pleasure of exploring two interesting (but different) beach destinations: Herceg Novi and Sveti Stefan. These coastal towns proved to be paradise for beach enthusiasts: beaches were overcrowded by beach lovers coming from all over Europe.
Herceg Novi charmed me with its historic old town, cobblestone streets, and welcoming locals. Meanwhile, Sveti Stefan (close to Budva) had a calm atmosphere for the rich and famous (200 euros for renting two beach chairs and an umbrella for a day!).  Both towns offered stunning crystal-clear waters and rocky beaches.  Between these two beach destinations, we stopped for three nights in Kotor.

Kotor is a town that has a medieval charm and a well-preserved architecture. Wandering through the narrow streets of the Old Town -at night-, surrounded by ancient walls, was like stepping back in time. We hiked the Kotor wall and had great views over the impressive Bay of Kotor.  Kotor's streets are not only graced by history but also by feline presence !  Cats roam freely, weaving through ancient alleys and lounging near historic landmarks (they also sit on restaurant tables !).  I had great grilled squid with cream here (a local specialty).

Finally, we visited the capital city of Montenegro.  Podgorica offers a different charm for those seeking an authentic travel experience. Unlike bustling tourist hubs we saw before, this city exudes a quiet allure with its quiet parks and welcoming locals. While lacking in big tourist attractions, Podgorica compensates with its genuine character and untouched ambiance. We were treated to a glimpse of local life: the absence of crowds led to an intimate connection to Montenegrin culture. For those who like off-the-beaten-path experiences
(like me!), Podgorica stands as an unpolished city waiting to be discovered for a few nights.
We then took a bus from Podgorica (Montenegro) to Shkoder (Albania)...

Created by Ian Wikarski, August 2023