Bali & Lombok

Dec. 12, 2023 - Feb. 7, 2024

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Dvarapalas: Hindou temple gate guardian

My 4th visit to Indonesia !

I visited Sumatra in 2000, Java in 2001Timor in 2019 and
now Bali & Lombok in 2023 - 2024 !

This was part of my year-long trip around the world. 
Previously, we were in Sikkim, India.  Being on the road for 5 months, Bali was a nice rest from our backpacking adventure as we were continuously moving every 3 days.

We spent two weeks in Seminyak (North of Kuta) and then moved to Ubud, where we spent 10 nights.  We moved to the East coast of Bali to Candidasa and the beaches around were very nice.  We took a ferry to Lombok and spent two weeks on beautiful remote islands before completing our journey in Amed (Bali).

Seminyak (Dec. 12 - Dec. 28, 2023)

My time in Seminyak was a perfect mix of adventures and relaxation. I surfed several times with turquoise waves. I got several Balinese massages to unwind after some heavy morning workouts at my villa's private gym. I rode around the island on a rented motorbike and this allowed me to explore some local scenes, from bustling markets (like the fish market in Jimbaran) to hidden rice fields off the beaten path (difficult to find in Bali!). I visited the ancient Tanah Lot temple:  a perfectly perched temple on a rocky formation surrounded by the sea. I visited Canggu, a neighboring coastal fishing village, with laid-back atmosphere and picturesque landscapes. I enjoyed my morning runs on the beach and amazing sunsets on the ocean (Legian Beach is facing west, so the sun is perfectly setting in the middle of the ocean).
I also visited Denpasar, the capital city of Bali, which offered a lively urban experience. Denpasar had its own unique charm, without tourists. I walked around the traditional market of Pasar Badung, where stalls were selling local crafts, textiles, and fresh produce.

Ubud (Dec. 28 - Jan. 8, 2024)

My 11-day stay in Ubud was a an amazing experience. Ubud is considered the spiritual capital of Bali with several yoga, meditation and self-discovery centers.  I did several intensive 90-minutes yoga sessions and this became my daily ritual routine after my 45 -minute jogging through rice fields.  The lush, green rice fields were breathtaking.  I rented a motorbike and visited some nearby attractions including the (touristy) Ceking Rice Terraces and the Gunung Kawi temple.  We spent New Year's eve in Ubud (and it was very quiet!).

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Gunun Kawi Temple, Bali

Candidasa (Jan. 8 - Jan. 14, 2024)

We spent a week at Bali Palms Resort in Candidasa. The place was great, although it lacked a beach. We were just 25 km from Agun Volcano, offering us stunning views of the 3031m peak on most days. I rented a motorbike and went snorkeling at Blue Lagoon with my daughter. We enjoyed delicious seafood at the "secret beach," which isn't exactly a secret (but tricky to access, requiring a hike down a narrow path).
As a family, we spent a day to Virgin Beach, which was exceptionally pretty and, in my opinion, the best beach I've seen in Bali, rivaling some of the top Caribbean beaches from my travels to every Caribbean island. Another day, I strolled to Tenganan, a traditional village with no roads, where locals still weave baskets using traditional methods.
Every day, we dined at food stalls and warungs (local restaurants), savoring incredible local dishes like chicken satays, nasi goreng (fried rice), cumi goreng (freshly caught fried squid), dragon fruit juices, cap cay (mixed vegetables), and more.  On January 14th, we took a taxi to Padang Bai and the public slow ferry to Lombok.

Gili Meno

Lombok and the Gili islands were our next destinations.
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Created by Ian Wikarski, January 2024