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It was about time... A good holiday from our daily life in Trinidad.
A romantic Valentine's weekend on a new Caribbean island.
On a first look, Grenada is like any other Caribbean island: crystal clear aqua water, white sandy beaches, laidback people, and everything you might dream of, if you have some American dollars to spend...
From Port of Spain, it was only a 35-minute flight to St-George, capital of Grenada.
St-George is the nicest city in the Caribbean I have seen so far.

Charming, friendly, historical with some 200 years old churches and amazing viewpoints from old French and English forts. Grenada is a major tourist destination for cruises. Just over the weekend, 6 huge cruise boats came to St-George, which totals at least 6000 tourists!
We stayed at Grand Anse, the major resort area with a beautiful beach.
We arrived at 6:55am on Saturday morning in Grenada. We took a nap and by 9am, we woke up and went for a walk and a coffee. We then went to St-George to look at the busy market.
On Sunday, everything was closed, so we walked to Morne Rouge, the bay next to Grand Anse. A picturesque quiet bay!

On Monday morning, we went to Annandale's fall, an unimpressive waterfall in Constantine (middle of the island). The trip was nice and we ended in a local shop-bar where a guy makes his own spiced rum. Locals forced me to taste this 75% alcohol rum... ouch! I could feel all my oesophagus and stomach melting inside me. I tried not to cry, but I did... Tears came to my eyes. It was too strong and too spicy.

With a single -big- shot, I felt dizzy, almost drunk (more than when I drink 4 beers). Another experience I will not forget! (It reminded me the rubbing alcohol I drank in Laos or the pure Palm alcohol from Myanmar!). We finally came back and I slept on the beach part of the afternoon. What a wonderful day we had!

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