San José Del Cabo, Mexico June 27 to July 2nd 2011

(previous to Mazatlan) To my surprise, the boat to Baja California was sold out, so we drove to Los Mochis and Topolobampo to get a ferry to La Paz.

The ferry (Baja Ferries) was a great experience!  It is absolutely surprising to see how many 18 wheeler trucks can fit on that boat (more than 100 trucks!).  Huge indoor parking, divided over four storeys, all loaded with buses, few cars and many trucks.

It took about 7 hours from Topolobambo to La Paz.  We had a room on the boat, and the night was short, but very good.  On the way out of the boat, it took more than one hour to clear customs and immigration.  First, I had to go through a road block with dogs searching for drugs, then I had to pass a vehicle inspection, after that I had to go through a full car search by the army (looking for weapons & drugs I guess).  Finally, I had to go through agents looking for fruits and vegetables, before having the car fumigated! 

The drive to San José Del Cabo was spectacular with huge cactuses, dry coast lines and deserted mountains. 

We were really impressed to see how upscale was San José Del Cabo: fine dining, upscale shopping, luxury all inclusive resorts.  We rented a private condo for 4 nights and the view was absolutely fantastic!  We spent most of our days swimming in the pool!

We checked out some of the beaches along the coast.  Costa Azul in from of us was popular with surfers and had medium sized waves.  We went to Chileno beach in the morning and it was perfect for swimming with Alixe.   We were the only one there for more than two hours.

We were really impressed on how cold the water was compared to Mazatlan.  I guess it is due to currents…  That is why there are whales here!

After five days in Cabos, we left and started moving North.  We stopped in Cabo San Lucas and I am glad we didn`t stayed here.  Much more developed, touristy and populated that San José Del Cabo.  Nevertheless, we had to see the arch, the cap that marks the most southern tip of Baja California. (continue reading Baja California)

Cabo San Lucas

Pelican on Chileno beach