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October 2019 Martinique
Summer 2019 Sri Lanka
Summer 2019 Indonesia (Timor)
Summer 2019 Qatar
Summer 2019 Timor Leste
March 2019 Colombia
October 2018 Cuba
Summer 2018 Luxembourg
Summer 2018 Belgium
December 2017 Ecuador
November 2017 Azerbaijan
November 2017 Georgia
November 2017 Kyrgyzstan
November 2017 Kazakhstan
November 2017 United Arab Emirates (UAE)
November 2017 Philippines
November 2017 Taiwan
November 2017 Japan
March 2017 Aruba
March 2017 Québec snow storm (March 15th)
January 2017 Cuba (Havana)
September 2016 Sweden
September 2016 Denmark
September 2016 Iceland
January 2016 Turks & Caicos islands
August 2015 Sea kakak expedition 2015 on the Bonaventure river
August 2015 Magdalen islands (Québec, Canada)
July 2015 Costa Rica
June 2015 Whales (Baleines), Les Escoumins, Québec, Canada
May 2015 Christmas trip to the Bahamas
August 2014 Sea Kayaking the Richelieu River, Québec, Canada
July 30th 2014 Nicaragua (month long trip)
April 2014 Sea Kayaking and Hiking in Acadia National Park, USA
August 12th 2013 Sea Kayak expedition in Rouyn-Noranda. 125km in 5 days.
July 21st 2013 Spain (month long trip)
June 22nd 2013 Ultra Race in Andorra
July 21st 2013 Canoe-camping in Québec & eating leeches!
April 2013 Cuba
January 13th 2013 Colombia (South America)
August 2012 Road trip in the Maritimes: Halifax, St-John's (New Brunswick)
July 16th 2012 Sea Kayak trip on the Gatineau River
April 16th 2012 Cruise through Jamaica, Haiti & Cayman islands.
March 22nd 2012 El Salvador & Guatemala
January 20th 2012 Hiking Mt. Megantic in winter, Québec, Canada
October 14th 2011 Conclusion Road trip part 2
October 14th 2011 Road trip part 16: Canadian Rockies! (Banff, Lac Louise, Colombia Icefields)
October 14th 2011 Road trip part 15: Whisler, British Columbia Canada
October 14th 2011 Road trip part 14: Victoria & Tofino (Vancouver Island), BC, Canada
October 14th 2011 Road trip part 13: Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
September 11th 2011 Road trip part 13:Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington
September 4th 2011 Road trip part 12: Mt. St Helens, Washington
September 4th 2011 Road Trip part 11: Portland & Lincoln city, Oregon
August 17th 2011 Road Trip part 10: Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
August 8th 2011 Road trip part 9: Sonoma & Napa Valley: Californian wines!
August 4th 2011 Road trip part 8: San Francisco, California
July 29th 2011 Road trip Part 7: Santa Barbara & Big Sur, Californian Coast
July 20th 2011 Road trip Part 6: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
July 19th 2011 Road trip Part 5: Las Vegas, Nevada
July 19th 2011 Road trip Part 4: Joshua Tree National Park, California
July 3rd 2011 Road trip Part 3: Baja California, Mexico
June 30th 2011 Road trip Part 2: Los Cabos, Mexico
June 30th 2011 Road trip Part 1: Mazatlan, Mexico
June 1st 2011 Road trip Mexico-USA-Alaska-Canada-Montreal
May 29th 2011 Visit of a cave in the Mexican desert, Parras, Coahuilla, Mexico.
May 6th 2011 2 weeks in Belize. Rain Forest, Mayan ruins and beaches.
March 25th 2011
February 16th 2011 Visit of Modelo Brewery of Torreon. 2nd biggest producer of Corona in Mexico!
February 6th 2011 Visit of flat mountain & archeological site in the Northern Mexican desert
January 28th 2011 Visit of the thermoelectrica in Villa Juarez, Coahuilla, Mexico.
December 1st 2010 Five day weekend in Cooper Canyon (Barranca del Cobre), Chihuahua, Mexico.
November 17th 2010 Visit of Saltillo and Museo Del Desertio in Saltillo, Coahuilla, Mexico.
November 6th 2010 Visit of Dinamita (biggest production of dynamite) & the desert around it.
November 3rd 2010 Four day weekend to San Joaquin Aguas Thermales Spa-Resort, Mexico.
November 3rd 2010 Four day weekend to Potrero Chico (Northern Mexico)
September 24th 2010 Visit of Guanajuato, Mexico.
September 24th 2010 Bicentenario de Mexico!
August 10th 2010 Driving from Torreon to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Visit of Téquila!
July 25th 2010 Visit of Dallas, USA
July 25th 2010 See kayaking the St.Lawrence river, Québec, Canada.
April 20th 2010 Visit of Guadalajara, Mexico
March 2010 Mexican Food, mium! Delicious!
January 10th 2010
January 10th 2010 Christmas in Cozumel, Mexico
December 10th 2009 Cuernavaca & Tepoltzan, Mexico.
December 10th 2009 Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico.
December 10th 2009 Visit of Mexico City
November 16th 2009 Visit of Cuatro Cinégas (cuatrocinégas), Mexico
November 4th 2009 Alixe & Halloween pictures
October 8th 2009 Visit of Bibao Sand dunes, Mexico
September 30th 2009 Visit of Zacatecas, Mexico
September 11th 2009 Visit of Parras, Mexico
August 12, 2009 Our new home: Mexico
August 12, 2009 Montreal-Mexico by road: 14 days, 5000km, 8 states
July 25, 2009 Sea Kayaking the St-Lawrence river. 85km in 4 days
June 20, 2009 BBQ party, Québec
May 20, 2009 Saint Barthelemy FWI
May 9, 2009 Dominican Republic
April 15, 2009 Saba
April 15, 2009 Saba, Nature pictures
April 5, 2009 Hiking Marigot to Friar's Bay, St.Martin
March 23, 2009 Sunsets in St.Maarten
March 23, 2009 Hiking Guyana Bay, St.Maarten
March 9, 2009 Heineken Regatta, St.Maarten
March 2, 2009 Yatchs in St.Maarten.
How much money do you need to have a boat like this?
February 17, 2009 Beaches of St.Marteen
January 5, 2009 Visit of New York city, USA
December 10, 2008 INDIA, 2nd International Young Mathematicians Convention
October 25,2008 Visit of ANGUILLA
October 18, 2008 Hurricane Omar hits St.Maarten